Welcome to the Diamond Amps Financing Plan. Here you can finance a Diamond US Custom Amp and optional cab of your choice. Our financing plan is simple - finance your Diamond rig over 2 easy payment plan choices and get rockin' with no early payment penalties. Get your amp now and pay it over time.


If approved for financing, you can immediately finalize your order! Your amp goes into production and ships in accordance with our normal terms. 

Your purchase includes your factory-new Diamond US Custom amplifier with our limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.  PLEASE REMEMBER, our products are built to order so your product should take about 60-90 days to complete and ship to you.  All lead times are approximate.

Your purchase is for a factory-new product unless otherwise indicated above. Because our US Custom products are built to order, your order is NON-CANCELABLE and NON-RETURNABLE. Returns for refund will not be accepted. Any difficulties you have with your amplifier will be resolved per the limited LIFETIME WARRANTY available on our site.  Please download it if you have any questions. Exchanges due to preference will not be permitted.  If the item is defective, it will be repaired, or replaced if it cannot be repaired. Make sure to download your Product Owner's Manual.

As noted above, the normal lead time before shipping your product is approximately 60-90 days.  While your item may ship earlier, or later due to demand or production time variance, your order can not be cancelled due to a delay time longer than expected.  Purchases made through our Financing Plan are not subject to our Exchange Program without written approval from Diamond Amps.


By applying for our financing, you are not obligated to purchase.

1)  SHOP! Choose your Diamond amp/cab. Figure out how much you'll need. If you need help, CALL US or CONTACT US for assistance, but DEFINITELY check out the CREDIT AMOUNT CALCULATOR below on this page.

2)  FUND! Use the link on the right, click and apply for financing! MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR MORE THAN YOU NEED/WANT so give yourself a little room in case you decide to add something in to your order. Your approval typically takes less then 5 minutes. After finalizing your financing, you will have a credit balance with DIAMOND.

3)  ROCK! When that's done, your amp goes into production right away!  That's it. Easy, right? When it's ready, your new gear will ship to you automatically and it's time to ROCK!!!


APPROVAL IN MINUTES! Usually less than 5 minutes!

NO COLLATERAL. 100% unsecured financing.

36 OR 60 MONTH TERMS! Choose your preference.

NO DOWNPAYMENT. 100% financing!

NO CREDIT SCORE HIT! Soft-pull credit check only!

EASY QUALIFICATION! Approval for scores 620 and up!

PAY EARLY! No penalty for early or pre-payment.

GREAT RATES! And even better with good credit.

Applying takes minutes, approval in minutes as well. After you're approved, you'll be sent your financing documents electronically. eSign and you're done. LendingUSA will call you to verify your identity after that. Then if you need to adjust your financing amount, you can! Then your Diamond products will go into production immediately and ship to you as soon as it's ready! CLICK THE APPLY NOW -> TO APPLY!

*Please note, financing is not offered with this option for residents in New York, Vermont and Connecticut. As well, if you are a Texas resident, please note that the State of Texas requires a full credit check, not just a "soft pull."

*If paid in full within 6 months. In order to avoid paying interest on the unpaid principal, including interest incurred during the 6-month promotional period, you must pay the principal amount of your loan by the due date of your sixth scheduled monthly payment, and make each of your first five scheduled monthly payments by their due date. This is called the "Zero Interest on Principal Option Promotion."



1)  ALWAYS APPLY FOR MORE CREDIT THAN YOU NEED! You can reduce the amount easily prior to funding but it's not so easy to ask for more.

2)  USE YOUR NAME EXACTLY AS IT IS ON YOUR GOVERNMENT ID. If you use a nickname, abbreviation or alternate name, you won't get approved.

3)  USE YOUR GROSS INCOME AMOUNT! Don't use net pay, don't worry about insurance, deductions, etc. Use the total amount you get paid, and ignore your "take home pay".



Want to use PayPal Credit for your financing? Yes! We take it!


Should I do anything after I apply for financing? You don't have to. You can wait for your money and then simply check out! If you want us to monitor your financing application, then CONTACT US and let us know you applied and we'll monitor it for you!

Can I return my amp or change my mind and get a refund? Your Financing Plan is NON-CANCELABLE. Your amp cannot be returned.  Every amp we make is built to order. You, of course, will get our full limited LIFETIME WARRANTY with your purchase!

What if I change my mind on which Diamond Amp I want? You can change your selection up to 30 days prior to your amp shipping.  If you choose an amp that is more expensive, you'll have to pay the difference immediately. If your new selection is lower priced, you will have to CONTACT US first to discuss arrangements. You can take advantage of our EXCHANGE PROGRAM. When you check out, read the TERMS & CONDITIONS to know how that works!

What if I am not approved for credit? You still have options. Try our LAYAWAY PLAN.  If you need your amp sooner, however, we have additional options for you.  Simply CONTACT US and let us know, then we can discuss DIAMOND FINANCING with you.

If you have any additional questions, please CONTACT US prior to completing this form. Once you complete this form, your information will be forwarded to our finance company for processing.

Make sure your personal information is accurate!

Happy financing! And here we go. . . 


Want to know how much credit to apply for? The guide below will help you figure it out!  REMEMBER: ALWAYS APPLY FOR A LITTLE MORE THAN WHAT YOU NEED!  YOU CAN CHANGE THE AMOUNT DURING THE VERIFICATION CALL.