$1000* credit on a new USA Custom Diamond Amp for qualifying amps!

$1000* credit on a new USA Custom Diamond Amp for qualifying amps!



Ready to step up to a new amp? Want to get rid of that old clunker and don't want to mess with eBay, Reverb or Craig's List? Or worse, lose a big chunk of the sale price to their fees? Well here's a better option!

It's simple. Trade in any qualifying amp and get $1,000* off a brand new US Custom Diamond Amp.

*Trade credit is $750 for the Nitrox, $1000 on any other US Custom Amp.




1) Fill in the form below.

2) We will contact you to let you know if your amp qualifies for the 1K Trade-In program and, if so, we'll complete your purchase order. Don't worry, if it doesn't qualify, you still qualify for the automatic $500 Trade-In program.

3) Return your trade in to us before your amp is completed (approximately 30-45 days from order). 


What amps qualify for the trade in? The decision on whether your amp qualifies will be made by Diamond Amps based on our assessment of the value. If we think it qualifies, you get the $1,000 credit.  Don't worry, if it doesn't qualify, you still qualify for the automatic $500 Trade-In program.

When do I get my $1,000 credit? As soon as your trade in is returned to us, your account is credited toward your selected Diamond US Custom Amp (trade-in credit for the Nitrox is $750).

When is payment due on my new Diamond? To complete your trade-in, you must put a $500 deposit down. Your new Diamond won't enter the build phase until your deposit it paid. You'll be notified about 2-3 weeks before your new Diamond Amp is complete which will give you time to do 2 things: (1) pay the balance due on your new Diamond, and (2) ship your trade in to us.

When does my new Diamond ship? As soon as your balance is paid and your trade-in is received by us and verified.

Does it matter how much my amp is worth? No, if we decide it qualifies, you get the automatic $1,000 credit regardless of the value of your amp. Even if we think your amp is only worth $501 you still get $1,000 credit as long as we deem your amp to qualify.

Can I get more if my amp is worth more? No, if we decide it qualifies, you get the automatic $1,000 credit regardless of the value of your amp. If your amp is worth more, we suggest selling it then purchasing ours. 

How long do I have to send in my trade-in? Trade-in amps must be received by us by the time your new amp is completed (approximately 30-45 days). Your trade-in MUST be received by us BEFORE we will ship your new amplifier to ensure it is the same amp you qualified with and to verify its condition as well as that it is in working order. If not, you will be notified asap so we can work together to remedy it.

Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind? No, unfortunately. We build to order so when your amp is put into production, it's yours. If you don't pay for it, you forfeit  your deposit. You will retain the credit though. So if whenever you want through the next 12 months following your deposit, you can still apply that credit to any Diamond Amplification product.

Where do I send my trade-in? Simply send your trade-in to the address below. Please include any paperwork you have from us for your order or tape your name and telephone number to your trade-in so we can properly credit your order.

Diamond Amplification, Inc.
Trade-in Promotion
8637 Windfern Rd.
Houston, TX 77064

*Your shipment of your trade-in MUST be insured for at least $1,000 and we HIGHLY recommend using FedEx as UPS never pays shipping damage claims. Diamond Amplification is NOT responsible for shipping damage or the collection of a shipping damage claim.

What if I send you a different amp or the amp I send you for my trade-in doesn't work? You forfeit your deposit and have to pay the full balance at normal sale price of your new Diamond to get it so don't break it while you wait for your new Diamond to be completed. And yes, the amplifier returned to us MUST be the one we agreed was the qualifying amp. And YES, it MUST be in full working condition.

I am outside the US and Canada, can I participate? Yes. But you are responsible for any duties or taxes.

Do I have to fill out the form below? Yes. This form must be filled out before or at the same time as your purchase. Once it's filled out and submitted, simply buy and you're off to the races!

*Offer not valid with any other promos. Offer not valid at any other retailer of Diamond Amps. 


REMEMBER, you must fill this in and submit prior to or when you make your purchase! PLEASE NOTE: After submission, you will be requested to take clear pictures of your trade-in and send them to us to assess its condition and verify what it is. The pictures must show the front and back of the amplifier clearly, as well as a clear picture of the model number and serial number.

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