Welcome to the Diamond Amps Custom Order section. Below you will have some choices to customize a US Custom Diamond Amp to suit your needs. We do not offer all types of custom options, but we do afford you some good selection.  If you do not see a choice you want on this form, you are welcome to add it to the comments section when submitting your request and we will do our best to accommodate you, but unfortunately we can't offer everything.  

This form will allow you to submit your request to us.  Make sure your personal information is accurate because, after reviewing your quote, we will call you within 1-2 business days to go over your request and let you know the price of your new Diamond US Custom Amp! Please keep in mind, all quotes are good for 30 days and if you decide to order your custom Diamond, your order will require a 50% deposit and all items are non-cancelable, non-returnable as they are custom built for you.

Happy customizing! And here we go. . . 

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If you are working with one of our Diamond US Custom Dealers, please specify the name of the dealer here. If not, simply put NONE in this box.
Please specify the Diamond platform you want to start with. Here is where you'll choose the amp's voicing. Please note, due to the special nature of the 327SD, we will not customize it, or apply its voicing to any custom order.
Here you can specify the front panel/grille type/color you want. If you're unsure, the references should allow you to view the amp here on our website to see the front grille style.
These are the LED's that light the inside of the amp when on.
This allows you to choose from our low end voicing modifications and tone shaping modifications.
Half Power *
Jewel Color *
This is about the jewel cover on the power indicator light on the front panel.
Cabinet *
If you want a matching cabinet, please specify here.
Rig Consultation *
If you want to add on a personalized rig consultation to help you dial in and make sure you're running the right gear with your amp, and routed correctly, please let us know.
Footswitch *
Do you need an EXTRA footswitch and cable with your amp? All US Custom Diamond Amps come with 1 footswitch included except the Hammersmith. Choosing yes will add a SECOND footswitch to all choices, or A footswitch to the Hammersmith.