Diamond began with one goal--give the players the tone and features they need, with the durability necessary to stand up to the abuse of the road. Now Diamond is becoming the benchmark against which all other amplifiers are judged. Diamond’s iconic high-powered amplifiers have now paved the way for a top-down redesign of Class A and vintage redefined amplifiers, proving Diamond to be the all around choice for players of any class or genre.

Big, full and powerful tone, class-leading configuration, hand-crafted reliability and elegant styling have captured the attention of everyone from professionals, producers and engineers, to magazines and critics, to players from big stages to garages. And Diamond continues to move one direction—forward—arising exclusively from its uncompromising pursuit of perfection in tone, functionality and reliability.

Hand-crafted in Texas, Diamond products continue to occupy the summit of passionate desires and performance delivered to musicians worldwide as Diamond continues to reinvent what amplifiers should be. To own one is not just a privilege. It’s an invitation to both contentment and creation.

Diamond Amplification lives by a simple philosophy - your amp is your voice. You rely on it to turn your innermost passions into your expression, your music and your individuality. Without it, you are a race car without an engine. But reliability is not enough. Consequently, Diamond was born from the deepest commitment to unmistakable designs, unparalleled voicing, and unsurpassable durability.

Building a purpose-built machine designed specifically to win races requires the merging of art and science. Our amps, therefore, start with tried and true design and structure from proven circuit design. Tolerances of components are militantly ensured. Components chosen are the finest. And then comes the art. Each product is then given the stylistic expression and individual refinement of the world’s fastest superbikes ridden by the world’s fastest riders. But in the end, and what matters to you most is this - Diamond delivers.

Premium Guitar Amplification. Guaranteed for Life.



Watch the VERY abridged making of a Diamond Amp from start to finish. Check us out at www.diamondamplification.com or www.facebook.com/diamondampsofficial.